Soooo...AGT will make call backs in 2 to 3 weeks. My audition was spot on! 90 seconds of playing on camera with one NBC producer. I performed "El Cumbanchero." (See my videos)


Prior to my audition, I caused a huge event by playing a piano in the holding area after being told not to. (Never tell me not to) A few seconds of Great Balls of Fire and a guy said, "Hey, dude! stop!" Thinking I was in trouble he asked me to wait so they could create a scene with me in it to film for AGT. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm thinking on the inside!)


So, he makes this huge sea of contestants part like the Red Sea and we push the grand piano from across the room to the dance/warm up floor. He started to created a dance scene.  The cameraman moved through us like tunnel vision as each of us moved out of the way for the camera to pass. (A group, me and then another group plus dancing on the dance floor.) 4 takes and a wrap! The room was electric!!! I got noticed in the best way for NOT being a wall flower....Will keep you posted.